Wedding Armin & Andrea

Oh boy …. where to start with this crazy couple?! Me & Wenti met Armin & Andrea on our trip to South America in 2008. Maybe it was because we shared the same hut on our first night, maybe it was because we both “struggled” for 2 hours to get out of the Colca canyon. But it kinda clicked between us right away. Naturally, we were thrilled to receive their wedding invitation! And because they were so kind to arrange flight & accommodation for us I took the opportunity to make them some nice pictures.

German weddings are kinda different from the ones we are used too but boy are they lots of fun! One of THE goosebumps moments was the trumpet part in this lovely little church. I think I even had tears in my eyes(again). Köningsheim is a very small & cozy hillside town but I’m sure it will never be the same after that party! Lets go and play another game of “kidnap-the-bride”!!! Oh and I never understood how you both recovered so fast from that party to do another shoot the day after. It must have been something in the german air 😉

Armin & Andrea we both would really like to thank you and your super duper friendly family & friends for inviting us and making us feel right at home. We both wish you lots of joy , love and happiness. See you soon and enjoy your pictures!

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by lizet 05.17.10 10:49 pm

die met dat make-up pallet is gaaf! supermooie serie.
en ik wordt toch altijd zo jaloers als ik die mooie trouwlocaties zie (waar de ceremonie is)… Hier in Hengelo gebruiken ze er een vreselijke ruimte voor = *helaas!

by Kristof Pattyn 03.07.10 11:23 pm

Zeer veelzijdige en prachtige reeks! Die bluegelpic is super.

by Jasper Van Tilburgh 03.05.10 4:27 pm

Ik heb er al enkele beelden van gezien maar wat heb ik met verstomming gekeken naar de gehele reeks.
Prachtig, precies zoals het hoort! Proficiat.

by Jef Janssens 03.05.10 11:44 am

It must have been something in the air indeed! Nice coverage as usual but lóóóve the gelled flash pic and the 2 last ones by the fireplace!!