Something nice for a friday

And a reminder that I still need to blog about this Kick-Ass german wedding!
Armin & Andrea, you should have received a very special package by now and I hope you enjoyed everything about it!

The weather was well … a “bit” damp? So the strobes got to see some indoor-action that day.

A pitch black hallway lit by one flash with blue gel on the background)
The couple lit by an (umbrella that couldn’t be opened completely) with a 1/4 CTO gel.
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by xray 02.25.10 10:23 pm

Warme sfeer.

by Karin 02.25.10 10:16 pm

Nice! Like the blue colors and what a great looking couple!

by Jef Janssens 02.25.10 10:13 pm

…or how to make the best of the circumstances!
And you did 😉