I’m a 38y old man-child that roams around his hometown on an electric skateboard. That doesn’t make me cool but just made me realize I might be hitting a midlife soon. I can’t grow a beard so I can’t claim the hipster card either. I love talking and I always speak from the heart, that makes me comforting, amicable and social. Pretty words and family moments make me cry, hence the high EQ that someone mentioned (aka I’m a wuss). I’m adventurous because my wife rocks at planning our family travels around the world and she takes me with her. I’m a creative & curious being that refuses to stop seeing the wonders of the world and I photograph stuff.

But here is the truth
I hate being a wedding photographer and I’m not a fan of traditional.

And now for the good news
I love taking pictures and I’m a romantic. I love what I do and have as much fun as possible doing just that.