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This is a story of self doubt.. and how 5 images made me tear up.

Yesterday I woke up and wanted to listen to the tunes of All my friends by LCD soundsystem. A song nobody from my family or friends understand. But a song that will feel like home for my WUN friends. I didn’t realise until later that it has been 1 year.  1 year since the workshop, and yesterday also should have been the date for the Copenhagen WUN conference.

For the start of this story I have to take you back 1 year to the beautiful Lofoten islands. I was there participating in the wayupnorth workshop, where I met all these beautiful strangers, likeminded creative people. But each with their own “luggage”. In that short timespan they all really grew on me, and I really would like to think of them as distant friends for life.

My video impression

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The assignment

On day 1 we got the assignment that by the end of the day we all had to select and show 5 images to the group. That day I was struggling a bit with myself, maybe it was stress because of the assignment, because I wanted to “deliver” just like I would want to do o a real assignment. Agitated, because I couldn’t really control all of it. The scenery over there alone makes your whole creative mind EXPLODE! Or maybe I was just scared that my images wouldn’t be good enough compared to the others.

That whole day I was trying to push myself to get 5 picture that would satisfy ME, I wanted the picture to be a different than those of the other people in the group ? Why was that ? Am I really THAT guy who wants to be better ? Do I just want to be a perfectionist ?

That evening everybody dove into Lightroom to select their favourites, so did I, of the hundreds of images,I had 3 images that I liked, not 5… So at the time that just felt I failed myself.

After dinner everybody presented their pictures. One by one everybody his/her images popped on screen. I genuinely liked everybody’s work.  Some of the images were similar to images I had in my Lightroom catalogue… but for some reason I loved those pictures when shot by someone else, but I discarded those similar images in my own catalogue …. Never good enough for me ? Too hard on myself ?

One by one everybody presented their pictures, I was last in line….My heart beating in my throat, my 5 images popped up on screen. When it was done and I noticed that the other photographers also reacted positive to mine, I kinda cracked and teared up. I was afraid that others wouldn’ t like my work , but I  was equally scared  to expect that others would like my work.

It has been a year now, maybe a trip to the psychiatrist would have been faster… but I feel I have closure now.

Don’t ever let Self doubt lead to self destruction of your creative soul.

My image from day one

My day 2 favourites

We just launched a print store

It’s been 7 years since we moved, 7 years living in a house with white walls. A while ago I purchased two framed prints from a fellow photographer, the first images ever to go up on our walls and people couldn’t understand why I didn’t put up any of my own work ? Even my wife said “People will always as if that is your work? And you will have to explain why it isn’t…“

It’s one of those creative block things, too critical of your own work….But I listened and took a dive into my image archives,contacted a local supplier and ordered some frames. After posting the results online, your reactions made me smile!

While offering my own prints is on those checkboxes on my long running todo list that never got ticked, this whole crisis makes us entrepreneurs switch up our game, act faster, stop delaying,survival mode ON I guess ….So after putting in a couple of late nights I now have my own shop up and running offering a curated selection of fine art framed prints, ready to decorate your home or that non inspiring office wall.

We teamed up with a local supplier #SHOPLOCALto offer a premium product. Printed on Baryte paper, Passe-partout, Matt glass (to minimise reflection) and available in two wood finishes & sizes.

Use code ‘SAMENERDOOR’ for a 10% discount.