2 girls and lots of giggling (II)

*UPDATE 20090309* If the images appear soft, stop hitting your screen. something went wrong during my print export / flickr upload resize to 800px. Will fix this in newer posts.

For the 2nd part we ventured a little further in my “hood”, het nieuwe Justitiepaleis.
Soon to be greeted by security we were allowed to continue to shoot near the building.

Elly & Vicky

Ironically it was there that we also got greeted by a bunch of 6-8-10 year old kids. At first they were interested in what we were doing, soon they were suggesting other kind of poses .. they would prefer to see lingerie, strings and even a little porno… One of them wanted to use my 2nd camera and take some shots himself, he wanted to be a photographer when he grew up, luckily Tom² could talk him out of that. When we walked away they waved us goodbye by throwing a tennis ball sized rock at us. I need to get that insurance policy checked out …

To round things up we headed to an underground parking lot and took some more shots there. (permission to shoot there was asked first, the security guys even turned on extra lights and I’m sure they were following every move when they saw that my “couple” consisted of two girls)

Elly & Vicky

Elly & Vicky

Elly & Vicky, I hope you had a good time and that you like pictures. I know I’ll never forget this “experience”. lol 😉

Did I mention there was lots of giggling (part deux)

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