2 girls and lots of giggling (I)

*UPDATE 20090309* If the images appear soft, stop hitting your screen. something went wrong during my print export / flickr upload resize to 800px. Will fix this in newer posts.

Occasionally I get an unusual request, things that aren’t in my normal shooting range (wedding, pregnancy, babies, etc…).
This time Tom³ his girlfriend Elly wanted to surprise her best friend with a photoshoot, she wanted a couple of nice pictures of her & Vicky.

So in a nutshell: 2 girls and I can’t make them kiss, this would be a challenge…

For the first part of the shoot we headed out to a nearby abandoned playground (or whatever it was), I had a little hour left before I’d lose the the light. Looking around I spotted some kind of broken theater stools and found that they would make for some interesting shots. (I’m a sucker for props)

The sun tried to peep through once and a while but that was enough to test my new acquisition, the California Sunbounce Mini. On the close up shots the influence is clearly visible even when it was all cloudy. I’ll add some side-by-side samples on a next post.

Elly & Vicky

Elly & Vicky

Under my uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmbrella ella ella ella elly vicky

Elly & Vicky

On these shots I purposely shot against the sun for some rimlight & flare (post processed for a different look)

Elly & Vicky

Walking on a bit and there it was, a filthy dumped couch, climb aboard ladies ! (I told ya I’m a sucker for props)

Elly & Vicky

Oh did I mention there was lots of giggling ? 😉

In “part deux” we ventured further for some underground action and I’ll tell you about the rocks that were thrown at us … but fear not, no women got harmed during the making of these shots 😉

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