Meet Mr Sunbounce

As one of my new year’s resolutions I want to use more available light in my pictures. Because I live in a country that isn’t always known for it’s best light (understatement) I thought it could use a little help and bought a California Sunbounce Mini. (thank you jobkorting)

These sunbounce systems have been tried, reviewed, marketed and approved by lots of other photographers than me so I’m just going to post one side-by-side picture to show you what this baby can do. This actually was my very first shot with it.

The scenario

1) All white nimbo stratus clouds.

2) TomΒ² being my guinea pig yet again (I wonder how he keeps it with me) holding the sunbounce at waist level with the ‘invisible’ sun behind him.

3) One picture with and one without the sunbounce, can you spot the difference ?

Mr Sunbounce

F4 – 1/125th – ISO200

W00t, 3rd post in a week, that must be some sort of personal record. And I didn’t stop there, on Sunday I’m attending the “capturing romance” workshop and I’ve already scheduled a mysteriously related post for early Sunday morning. And I’ve also prepared something “special” for whoever is attending the workshop. *g*
PS. Any of you that are reading this also attending ? Drop in by the comments and see you on sunday!

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