Photos that the Fuji X camera’s can’t take

One year of weddings with the X camera’s. Surely I must struggle with the slow AF and Low Light performance ?

Evening pictures // Wedding acts
It’s dark outside, the venue doesn’t have the best lights (or in this case .. almost none), things move around. A Pocketwizard TT5 & 580EXII on a stand. TT1 on top of my XT1.

Did you know you can even get your AC3 zone controller to work with Fuji’s ? I followed this handy guide from Zander White.

More acts, different venues

Off camera flash

An example of the same action but with on camera flash.
(You can see my gorillapod in the background)

Opening dance

Same off-camera set-up to get these shots.

Party Pictures

A canon 580EXII on top of my XT1. The speedlight is bigger than the camera, it looks funny, there is no ETTL but chimp in your settings once and you are good to go. For party pictures like this I tend to switch to manual focus. F8, slow shutter speed .. adjust Flash accordingly. Aim it to their face. *boom*

I never used a flash in a ceremony before, this wedding had an awesome location and the ceremony was held in a renovated barn. When scouting the location I noticed that the place where the brides would be talking would have no natural light hitting them. Somehow I felt trouble lurking around the corner. Just to be sure I placed a 580EXII/TT5 behind the wall (camera left). 10 minutes into the ceremony the barn’s electricity went out….

All pictures in this post were taken with a Fujifilm X-T1.
Title & Post inspired by Photo’s fuji’s can’t take

9 thoughts on “Photos that the Fuji X camera’s can’t take

  1. mick says:

    Great images.
    when shooting party images, you’re picking f8, and to get the blurred lights look, what shutter speed are you opting for?


    • Tom Leuntjens says:

      thx mick.

      shutter speed is typically at around 1s or above. adjust ISO to catch enough ambiant light but not too much. the behaviour is a bit weird on the X system because the EVF goes black. do shoot against any dj lights or you’ll overexposure the subject. gold tip: turn off real time exposure in the evf when shooting in dark&low light. it’s hidden somewhere in the display menu.

  2. Robert Arbitter says:


    Great photos!

    BTW I have Nikon PW TT5s with Nikon SB900s and they work with the AC3 Zone Controller on Fujis. I also just picked up the Cactus V6 triggers. The Cactus triggers work fine with my SB900s. I picked Cactus RF60 flash, to travel light with just one trigger and one off-camera flash.

    • Tom Leuntjens says:

      thx Robert. looking forward to hear how the cactus triggers perform… they sure seem to have come a long way … my first trigger system was the V2.

      • Robert Arbitter says:

        The Cactus V6 and RF60 work just fine. The RF60 seems to put out plenty of light. I have not compared it to a Nikon SB900, so I can’t say how it compares. I can’t wait until Fuji finally comes out with a decent professional flash system to go with their cameras.

        The Nissin i40 also looks interesting because of the quick manual dials and small size.

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