Wedding: Bert & Mel

With the birth of our son Bent, 2011 already has been a sweet year. And while I have accepted a limited number of weddings this year I’m really looking forward to get back out there to capture me some lovely weddings. But before I do that I’m gonna release some unblogged 2010 weddings on you.

We’ll kick of the party with Bert & Mel.

We started the day at a great location and ended the day at an even better one. The St.Bernardus brewery in Watou. (everyone must try the 12°). Excellent weather, naughty friends, great location styling (the whole venue was stacked with cases of beer) and of course: a happy couple. Bert & Mel, I really enjoyed being a part of your day!

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by Niko 05.11.11 2:09 pm

Paar heel leuke en orginele beelden tussen! Nice!