Verloving – Engagement: Bert & Mel

It seems that I’m on a blogpost rampage last couple of weeks. But I’m really excited about a couple of super fun eSession results I have to show you. Let us start with Bert & Mel!

The initial plan for a location for Bert & Mel was to use the city of Kortrijk as a backdrop for the shoot but then I discovered this abandoned building just a couple of meters away from where I work. (and before you all ask, it’s here) and they were immediately won by the idea. We had a fun late afternoon shoot and I think Mel & Bert will agree that an eSession is the ideal occasion to get know each other, make you feel more “at ease” with your photographer and get you a couple of hot pictures during the process.

Wirward was yielding the flash on a stick and the sunbounce on this one. And there are also quite a few GF1 shots among these pictures. Can you spot em ?

3 thoughts on “Verloving – Engagement: Bert & Mel

  1. Melanie says:

    We krijgen er super leuke commentaren mee. Ikzelf heb veel favorieten. Het is moeilijk om een keuze te maken. we kijken al uit naar de trouwfoto’s!

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