A new space

Back in February we started visiting a few kitchen makers with our own sketchup plans. We wanted to integrate the kitchen and the living room into one cook-able, live-able and workable space. A place were I could invite clients. Not an easy task for a 8,5m by 3m,5 surface. You don’t want to be cutting carrots next to your television, you don’t want to be watching television in your kitchen.

The people at Keukens Fierens really understood what we wanted and they kinda “knew” what we liked (and what we don’t like …). They adjusted our plans and added their own vision on our interior.

To display albums and to have a daylight feel I wanted lots of soft light and ended up choosing a light fixture by delta light: the Jeti Plano H 260C

After a month of preparations (electricity, gas, plastering, painting, painting and some more painting) they came and installed our kitchen last week and now our new space is finally completed. It turned out 100% how we envisioned it.

And for me it was fun rediscovering my own house with a camera and an ideal opportunity to shoot some interior pictures. Cupcakes by @wenti 🙂

(A couple of people already asked about our TV furniture. All the wooden cupboards are custom built by Keuken Fierens but I’m not sure if you can just order those without a Kitchen, only one way to find out)

6 thoughts on “A new space

  1. Tom Leuntjens says:

    @joeri: yep no kids. maar veel kasten voor de rommel als die er wel zouden zijn 😉
    @serge, @kris, @karin. thanks! It was fun shooting some new stuff in my house

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