And so my first season has come to an end

Last 2 weeks I’ve shot my last weddings of the season. And boy the weather gods didn’t go easy on me there. It was time to dust off that softbox and umbrella! Funny how I actually started photography with my first strobist steps, learned to love and switch to natural light , and now to complete the circle again.

People who follow my twitter or facebook feed might have already seen these popping up on a twitpic here or there, but here they are where they belong. the Blog 😉

Sofie & Vincent had their party at the foyer in Antwerp and we got to use the Bourla for the wedding pictures. Such a nice playground for a kid like me!

Wedding @ Bourla

Strobist: one light, 580EXII at 1/16th from camera right high through umbrella on a voice activated lightstand (thank you nico). shutter at 1/60th & ISO1600 to catch the atmosphere of the room.

Andrea & Armin had the awesome kraftwerk site at their disposal. (before everybody tries to book this: it’s an 8 hour drive or, you can travel in style and fly swissair! thanks guys!)

Strobist: 580EXII in softbox through the dooropening camera right. Triggered by PW

Much more pictures to come from both these superb weddings but I couldn’t resist already posting this (natural light) picture I took the day after the wedding. 2 hours of sleep and DANG doesn’t she just look stunning!?

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