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Trying to keep my word and upping the pace on blogposts….

Today I can present a little teaser of the super fun wedding of Loes & Stijn.

Loes & Stijn will be moving to their new place that they can call “home” soon but on the wedding day Stijn would be picking up Loes at their cozy apartment in Berchem. The hallway was 1m² and it would have been impossible to get a perfect first look shot. You can always work with what you get but nothing limits you to think “Outside” of the box and try something different.

My plan was to line up the family outside so they would be part of the moment, the groom facing me, the bride approaching him from behind. Exciting!

Tension rose and it was every bit as exciting for the couple as your classic “open the door” or “staircase” shot.

Here is the sequence. (and do read on after the picture)

wedding first look

wedding first look

wedding first look

As the bride stepped up, the sun literally started shining, and I just heart me some flare!

wedding first look

I felt I needed to place a few words to clarify that this kind of intervention is nothing you can take on lightly. Some photographers will (hopefully) agree, others won’t. What some couples will mind, others will love.

This weekend I got one of the best compliments a wedding photographer can get from a couple : “We barely noticed you were there”. Another favorite of mine would be : “We didn’t even know you took this picture”. I have to admit I was both happy and surprised when they said this. Even when I strive to not be to too notable I feel that as a photographer there is a very thin boundary between “getting the shots” & “disturbing the scene”. A thin line between being social and being too social.

My style is evolving, I’m finding MY style. I’m there to capture those little precious moments, moments that happen in the blink of an eye. But I also feel that to lift up your pictures to the next level you shouldn’t be afraid to get in close with a camera when you can or propose things to the couple that can make their pictures better.

There are a whole lot of things you have to consider here and there is no guide, there are no written rules. You have to FEEL what couples are open to this style of photography (and your style should be discussed when you first meet them) and you have to know WHEN you can intervene. On the wedding day, there is no black or white, you have to find the right balance with every couple.

I suggested the option for the alternate first-look to Loes & Stijn and they immediately loved the idea. Always suggest, never command. To me it’s also important that even “staged” pictures keep a natural feel to them. (when your couples look posed and unhappy, try fashion photography ;))

I hope this can be helpful or help you understand my style and I’d like to hear your reactions in the comments!

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