When technical imperfection trumps … everything else?

At a BBQ last weekend I snapped a couple of pictures of my brother-in-law and his wife. My girlfriend fell in love with the picture when she first saw me pulling it out of the camera for post processing and Kurt & Saskia really seemed to like it a lot.

I can think of 3 technical-aspects I want to change about this picture or that I could consider as a mistake (feel free to share your ideas in the comments), but do I care ? Hell no ! I love it just as much as it is.

Maybe I’m too emotionally involved to see it clearly , but isn’t this the same way that your clients look at it ?

5 thoughts on “When technical imperfection trumps … everything else?

  1. Jamy Vodegel says:

    What I can think of would be:

    1. subject isn’t sharp
    2. composition
    3. some parts 100% black

    Maybe if the eyes were sharper it would be perfect, but as you say it yourself, you shouldn’t forget about the end result which is making yourself and the people happy and you nailed that!

    technical imperfection = the new analogue

  2. tomleuntjensphotography says:

    actually you made it 5 ….

    to clarify the nose thing to other readers.

    a man has a natural instinct to protect his partner, in pictures this translates to the man having his nose on the outside. and for some reason this is wrong …. (depends on the nose I’d say)

    many couples find that their nose behavior is getting odd after I tell them that story , so in favor of getting natural pictures I don’t mind it much.

    and what kind of man are you if protecting her with your nose is the best you can do ? 🙂

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