Blurb, the popular bookmaking software and printing service finally released version 2.0 of their software. It now lets you design (save & re-use) your custom page templates. They also added a new 30×30 (cm) square format.

Some simple things are still missing, like the option to let you enter the preferred aspect ratio (or custom width & height) of an image container. Nor does it let you resize maintaining the aspect-ratio you just painstakingly chose by dragging those resizing-arrows around.

So not quite as user-friendly as the software but it features my favorite large-landscape (33x28cm) format.

Now excuse me, I still have a travel book to make!


*UPDATE* not quite was a serious understatement, added to the list …

  • you have to switch between bookmaking mode & page layout design, you don’t see your picture while doing that
  • no option to put rulers on the page, positioning things becomes a b*tch
  • you can’t rotate images

    frankly, still not very useful if you are serious about bookdesign.

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