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Last week Tom asked me if I wanted to come along and take some pictures of the new indoor Paintball Gent location on the day before the inauguration (you never know if this term brings an extra visitor to the blog).

Although I did take a lot of gear with me I was totally under prepared for the awesomeness (and coldness) of the new paintball hall. Tanks, gun turrets, churches, bunkers, sandbags … it was like landing in Normandy without the bullets flying past your head. But without any paint too.

That’s right, no paint, the hall was crisp and no paint had been fired yet, we even had to be careful for some freshly painted panels.

With all the lights on it more-or-less (slight processing) looked like this :

Paintball Gent - Overview

Paintball Gent - Overview

To get away from that clean look and to get more of a warfare look we turned off some overhead lights and played around a bit with a couple of bare flashes.

Paintball Gent

Paintball Gent

Image 1
Snooted FL40 with a fluorescent gel (matching the ambient light) on camera left high. 580EX with red gel in background. Triggered by PW’s. (Color was shifted to daylight in post to get more of the look I wanted)

Image 2
Just that (obvious) snooted flash with fluorescent gel.
1/60 F4 Iso1000 to catch ambient light.
(red glow from a light behind & fluorescent light overhead)

post processing : graining, decreased saturation, shifted fluorescent to daylight (yellowish look) & vignetting

I was limited to 2 flashes (3 PW’s) and didn’t want to get my V2’s out. A mistake. A 3rd light would have given me a lot more options. Is there anyone with experience with those optical triggers ? Do they perform descent in indoor environments (cross light), they could be an alternative while I wait (save) for that 4th PW.

more pictures will be added to this flickr set

And on a side note: the portrait images is scaled down to 500px. I’ll be changing the layout of the blog in the near future so it can hold larger images as well.

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