Dog-day afternoon

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing all sorts TFCD work to help build me a portfolio. Kids, pregnancy, portraits, babies, etc…  When Annick asked me if I could take some pictures of her and her loyal canine I wasn’t really sure to accept the challenge or not. For all the other subjects there are tons of books or online pictures I can look up to get some ideas etc.. for this kind of thing … well not really.

So how to tackle this subject and make it better than the ordinary point & shoots kind of pictures. The shoot itself went smooth, Annick was a very fun person to work with and Zippo (the dog) didn’t seem to mind my presence much. It was a very rainy day so we had to the shoot indoors, the indoor location was a small yet pittoresque farm house. Setting-up a seamless backdrop was out of the question but the upstairs room featured a nice original brick wall with a nice wooden floor.

After seeing the results I wasn’t quite sure about my work, maybe because I had nothing else to compare it to, but a couple of my friends ensured me I did a good job. So .. now that I’ve put them up on the blog I’m rather curious what you guys have to say about this!

The whole set can be viewed here.

Annick & Zippo

Annick & Zippo


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