Sweet little newborn: Nuno

I believe I asked the mom-to-be 3 months ago if I could take some pictures of her little one once he was born. So needless to say I was really looking forward to this session. I’ve read a book about baby photography, tag surfed around to see other photographers work, but even with all this preparation you just have to improvise on the spot. Little Nuno was not in for a nap and his tummy had a mind of its own that day. But the reward when downloading your pictures to you computer is really overwhelming, so I really want to do this kind of work again. And coming to think of it, I don’t think I’ve met a male baby photographer yet …

Thanks Fleur & Sam for letting me do this and I hope you enjoy the results!

more pictures can be found here

One thought on “Sweet little newborn: Nuno

  1. fbaert says:

    Toeval of niet, ik was net naar dezelfde foto’s van jou op BD aan het kijken. Mooi werk. Ik vind degene met de stoel trouwens ook mooi, alleen stoort daar de radiator een beetje.

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