Little Robin

This weekend the long anticipated photosession with Robin took place, the previous times the shoot got postponed because the little guy caught a cold. But on saturday he was back in shape, and in a good mood! With small children you never know what you’re gonna get and you have to keep them bussy all the time. Having the parents around and some extra helping hands never hurts. The afternoon before the shoot I was doing the dishes and a soap bubble burst out of the water, I had my theme for the shoot and the bubbles also got his attention !

Photoshoot Robin (by VsTrash)

Photoshoot Robin (by VsTrash)
Photoshoot Robin (by VsTrash)

For more pictures check here.

One thought on “Little Robin

  1. jefjanssens says:

    Knap staaltje baby-fotografie; vooral de kleuren en de verbazing in de eerste als ook de eenvoud van de compo in nr 2. Goe bezig!

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