Throwback Thursday.

Before I forget. Happy New Year! And yes, I missed another opportunity to do a ‘lookback on 2016’ post. But while I was in my archive I stumbled on to these awesome guys.

Throwback to a great day in September 2009. Loes & Stijn.

This was my third wedding I ever shot… *nervewrecking* I consider this wedding among one of the weddings that helped set my style, when I just started out in wedding photography I remember that wasn’t alwayst the easiest thing to step out of the traditional wedding pictures. So my advice, follow your heart, follow your style, try to shoot pictures for yourself.

Shooting an enagagement always helped me to step out of a ‘working relation’ with the couples and it helps everyone to be much more relaxed on the wedding day.

Trivia: Did you know that Mr Automative Frederik Herregods was my wingman on this wedding ? Time flies man!

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