Making time for personal work. Shooting M. Part I.

Those following me on instagram might have noticed I’ve been playing around a bit more lately. Call it experimenting if you want. To me it feels like I found my “mojo” back! In 8 years of photography I’ve never just shot with ONE girl model before. I’ve have no idea how to “direct” and I made that clear to M. My idea was to just shoot some natural light portraits in my living room. Periods of harsh sunlight changed out for periods with nice clouds. Happy with the results. Thank you M. for the trust!

Fujifilm X-PRO2/XF35mm1.4 & X-T1/XF90

I didn’t really plan for the next 3 images , and I’m not even sure how we got from shooting the above type of images to smokebombs and Sanseverias. I guess the lesson here is to improvise and go with the flow. Fact is that these images probably triggered the idea for Part II.

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