Joyfulness #3

It felt good to find some time to shoot another #joyfulness session with this sweet couple. I didn’t find my magic formula yet, and maybe I should stop looking, there is no “right” way to approach these shoots. All I know is that when I come home and I look at the pictures , I smile and feel grateful I can do this.

Fujifilm XPRO2 – XF35f2 / Fujifilm XT1 – XF16 & XF23. Natural light.

Note: This is a personal project of mine, always looking for candidates, for more info, check here. Looking for couples in the US. Travel dates for October (San Fransisco, California, Arizona, National Parks!) PM for details.

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Backyard love – Aftermath



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by tom.leuntjens@gmail.com 08.20.16 11:06 am

thank you Frank!

by Frank 08.20.16 9:58 am

This pictures are amazing Tom. Keep up the good work!