5 years of X

Last week it was a facebook memory that reminded me that I shot my first frame with the Fujifilm X system 5 years ago. A test shot of our cat, made with the original X100 while I was skimming through the manual. A picture I didn’t pay much attention to at the time. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago we lost our cat, and that makes this picture a memory. One that wouldn’t be there if I didn’t take that picture at then & there.

For 5 years I’ve been happy using different Fujifulm X-Series camera’s to take pictures of my children, my family, our holidays. They are camera’s I don’t mind to snag from the shelf and toss over my shoulder when I go out the door. So if you look past all the technical aspects and megapixels, for me, this is the biggest accomplishment Fujifilm has made. So thank you for 5 years of memories!

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Some random images from the archives

2 thoughts on “5 years of X

  1. Mark Bolton says:

    Hi Tom,
    These are simply wonderful photos! As I document my 7-year-old soN’S LIFE, it’s photos like these that just make you smile and be thankful you took them!

  2. Ben says:

    Lovely images! Love the composition and also loving the tones and colours you’re getting from the fuji. I’ve recently got an Xpro2 after selling all my nikon gear. I was hoping you might be able to explain what your post processing flow is? I really love the tones and colours you get!

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