A mountaintop wedding // Engelberg Switzerland // Teaser

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Yves & Sabien. The base station for the wedding & party was the lovely scandinavian Ski Lodge Hotel. The decor for the ceremony was situated at 1860m, Brunnihutte SAC. Never have I been more pleased with my Fuji X switch because we walked all the way up …

Thank you Yves & Sabien & Friends for making this a very pleasant weekend. And a very honourable mention to my Sherpa Lieven for joining me for the ride, for assisting and for carrying the bag & running away with my water & energy bar.

Technical Info: All images taken with a FujiFilm XT-1 or X-E XF23, XF35, XF6.

A small teaser preview. More to come.

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by Fred 05.06.15 10:44 pm

Very well done, Tom.

by lily 05.06.15 10:35 pm

Tom, the colours are so pretty!!! So vivid and lively, beautifully captured 🙂 and there is a pic of the couple walking in just t-shirt and jeans in theSNOW! 🙂