Wedding Seike+Kristof

A lot of wedding posts are left unwritten, truth is that I’m struggling to find a balance between work, more work & family. Luckily when I get home from a full-time job there is this little munchkin always greeting me with a big genuine smile, EVERY day. So when I’m home my mind doesn’t go into “post-processing mode” as often as it should, I just want to play with him. Yet I’m a constant race trying to catch-up on my todo list: unedited weddings, unedited shoots, wedding albums to made, I didn’t even get to make a personal “Bent” album yet. Shame on me.

Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel, and while I’m not going to that, 2012 will see some changes. (more about that in the near future)

But then there are things that remind me why I love to take pictures, why I love to shoot weddings and why I want to keep doing what I do. It’s the reactions you get from couples after showing them their pictures, a personal thank you, to see their smile and happiness. The moment where you know you made a difference for that couple, when you know your pictures will proudly be shown to friends, family and later their children.

So for now, I’ll just keep struggling and meanwhile try to share some awesome 2011 weddings.

Seike & Kristof, thank you for having me along on your big day, thank you for your warmth.

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