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These fun guys are getting married next week so it’s about time I give them some blog exposure! Kristof & Bert were one of the first couples to book me for 2011 and when I first met them I was honest in telling them that is would be my first same-sex marriage. And I have to admit that made me a bit nervous at the time. I approached this eSession 90% the same as I would for a man/woman, leaving out only the “bride” poses. Kristof & Bert also gave me some great feedback on the results and it was fun to see how we do share the same favorites. We definitely had loads of fun, and Mechelen city was on fire!

What disappointed me was the reaction of some people in the street. But it seems I was more dumbstruck by that than Kristof & Bert, they didn’t even seem to be bothered. I respected that a lot. Guys, you’re champs, I’m really glad we’ve met and I can’t wait to see you on the wedding day!

note on that final pictture, for the insiders , I tried my first Jasperke … climbed a tree … and I don’t like heights …. who’s a wuss now …

One thought on “eSession · Kristof & Bert

  1. Lieven says:

    Nise series Tom! I’m still not sure if I like the grafitti-wall picture better BW or in colour. And for the tree-climbing: next time, bring a ladderke 🙂

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