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Wedding Season kicked into overdrive !

… and I’m a running a bit *kuch* behind on the post processing part of things, partly because I’m still trying to optimize my workflow and I’m trying to find a good balance between photography related work and life away from a camera or computer. Therefore me and Wenti decided we could do with a little roadtrip to France, we packed our car with a mini fridge, strolled the market in the mornings and went for picknick in the afternoon. In the late afternoon we started looking for a place to stay and the outcome of that chambre d’hôte hunt turned out very very nice.

But we are back now, batteries charged for the wedding season, August & September are looking to be a rather busy period and to kick some life back into this blog I have something special for Griet & Fré today.

We were actually setting up for a larger group shot with the bridesmaids and groomsmen when Fré took matter into his own hands.

I kinda feel bad about this shot knowing that he had a back-surgery planned for after the wedding. But I looove the outcome, it has this hollywood, casablanca kind of feeling. (Although the pose might have been a bit daring back in 1942…)

And I just love it when the wedding party is all dressed to match and come up with ideas by themself, it makes my job just that much more fun!

Griet & Fré (and the rest of the über friendly family, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen & master of ceremony) , thanks for a fun day and there is more where this came from!

8 thoughts on “Teaser · Griet & Fré

  1. Joeri says:

    Hey Tom,

    Moet lukken…Heb je dan per ongeluk voor het eerst in het echt gezien. Ik was eveneens uitgenodigd op het feest van Griet (was haar vorige collega). Jullie hebben hard gewerkt en dat is er aan te zien, sterke reeks en goeie kwaliteit! Knap gedaan..


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