Field of dreams

You always have to go into the field with an idea. Hopefully, a good idea. But a good idea becomes a bad idea when you don’t see anything else. So turn around. Look around.

Joe Mcnally, The Moment It Clicks

I had my idea, I only needed to find the field.

Due to Belgian weather the date for Sofie & Maarten’s eSession had been set, reset , set , reset and set again. But ever since we first discussed possible locations, those Flemish hills in Oudenaarde have captured my imagination, I wanted a hillside with the perfect wheat field, and I was going to put my couple smack in the middle of it.

From back in the days where I actually managed to get up early in the morning to ride a TT I remembered riding walking up the Koppenberg and enjoying catching my breath while looking staring (the exhausted look) at the beautiful landscape.

So last week, with the sun out in full force, we drove around 4×4 style (the only way to get up that hill) (thx @Nico) with direction koppenberg to find the perfect spot.


A big big thank you to Sofie & Maarten for being such a good sport and going along with my nutty plans. It’s couples like you
who spark my creativity and make me love what I do.

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by Frederik 07.11.09 1:50 pm

Prachtig foto, mooie locatie, en goeie nabewerking. Wat moet da meer zijn – ah ja – de romance spat ervan af 😉

by gekiekt 07.08.09 5:37 pm

knappe foto en mooie bewerking
subtiele layer erover (tenzij ik koffie op mijn scherm gemorst zou hebben 😉 )

by Jef Janssens 07.08.09 5:08 pm

A true romantic pic!

by Bart mBARGO 07.08.09 3:10 pm

This is just wonderful! It’s a great picture. How did you do the little cracks in the air, or aren’t they there intentionally? I love the gradually darkening sky and the light on the couple!

by chateaubrys 07.08.09 1:00 pm

It’s really beautiful!