eSession, rockin’ it!

For once, no words … but do pump-up those speakers!

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by bramvandenbussche 03.27.09 9:54 am

Geweldige foto’s en de stijl van de slideshow/video kan me wel bekoren. De muziek past voor mij en soms ook niet, zal een kwestie van smaak zijn zoals de anderen hierboven al aanduidden.

by Sofie 03.23.09 11:13 am

Super foto’s 🙂

by viero 03.20.09 5:05 pm

very nice pictures !

viero (colleague BartP:-) )

by tdmphotography 03.20.09 3:42 pm

Tom this is top, love the video, what software did you use to create this?

by Heidi 03.17.09 12:52 pm


For me, the music is perfect. Young, refreshing, and makes you happy.

Very nice pics!

by fbaert 03.16.09 2:46 pm

Looked at it without the music ;), but the pictures are just great !

by tomleuntjensphotography 03.16.09 1:44 pm

okay maybe I should admit this wasn’t a real engagement. just a man wanting to surprise his girl.
The music was suggested by the couple, they look like stars for a day and so the music underlines that.

by Jasper Van Tilburgh 03.16.09 1:38 pm

Very impressive! Nice poses, colours and black and white conversions. Very beautiful but maybe the music could be something more romance 😉

by Thomas 03.16.09 12:27 pm

The photos are awesome, but dude, seriously, find another song because Discobitch does not scream romance to me 😀