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I guess Jef was right, it will be hard to top this kind of article.

My last real shoot seems like ages ago. This weekend my season kicks off again, it’s looking to be a busy year , I’m psyched, I can’t wait to get back out there.

Meanwhile I’ve (re)started working on our South-America travel book, progress is painstakingly slow (that seems to be the way for me when making albums), I’m experimenting (yet again) with a bunch of border brushes and layout templates.

Fotobuch doesn’t give me the book format I want, Blurb does with the large landscape format (13″x11″) but there I’m limited to the templates in the software. I’ve been testing lightroom print exports, pixelcreatorpro, photojunction … trying to find a way to automate my workflow for this specific book. Pure photoshop is a bit slow for me ….

Hell I probably would have finished the book already if I hadn’t tried out 10 other things first.

If you have any album design software tips, even if it has a different (good) print service, drop ’em in the comments.

Some impressions of Uyuni

Impressions of Uyuni

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