On camera flash, get creative

This is actually a reader inspired blogpost. A couple of days ago DieterThePhotographer asked me how I got the clarity/sharpness in Lissa’s eyes and if that reflection in her eyes was a softbox I used…

This shot was actually taken with on camera flash. The camera held in portrait mode (obviously), low enough so it was inside the tub, the flash head in a 75° degree angle with the bounce card out. So the flash was actually aimed to the opposite side of the model, towards the tub. The tub now acted as a gigantic softbox / reflection panel that gave me soft yet very defined 3Dimensional light.

Shot info: 1/200th – F2.8 – ISO400 and for the flash 1/64th was all that was needed.
B/W conversion was done in lightroom. (with increased contrasts/blacks)

Whenever I can I use off camera light, but you can make great pictures if you get creative with what you have available around you.

For the eyes, unfortunately I can’t take any credits. Mom & Dad are still having heavy debates over who’s eyes she has 🙂

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