Hasse – Preview

This afternoon I spent the afternoon in the lovely company of little Hasse and her proud parents, Kris & Lien.
We really had a great time trying lots of different things for the pictures and even strolled outside for something extra. I didn’t even have time to go through all the pictures yet but I really couldn’t resist posting a little preview.

The proud parents

One of my favourite pictures of the day.

And sometimes Hasse had the last word…

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by Frederik 12.09.08 10:05 pm

3 goeie, aparte foto’s. De tederheid komt wel heel sterk naar voor – prachtig.

by Jef Janssens 12.09.08 9:25 pm

Zeer mooie 2e, love the colours!

by Sofie 12.08.08 11:20 am

Lovely pictures! My favourite is the last one 🙂