“Wedding album designer”-block

When taking a picture, I have my desired outcome ready and waiting in my head .. it’s just there.
I know what I want, I just need to set-up, dial-in, point & shoot.

When making a wedding album, I’m faced with dilemmas …

I want everything to be perfect, a fixed set of margins to create white space so my pictures can breathe in the album. No mixture of layout styles on my pages, but an idea throughout the album. I want to stick to that. But after a couple of pages, doubt creeps in…

Will clients even notice my tidy margins? They will probably just flip the pages. Will they appreciate the clean layout or does it become boring after a while? Do I go for white or black background, do I mix? Do I call and show the couple 2 ideas, let them decide (and ruin the surprise) or do I blow them away on presentation day.

How do you deal with your album designs?

I suddenly remember promising a blog article about my wedding preparations & shoot.
I’ll make that my next priority when I’m having a new case of “wedding-album-designers”-block.
For now, a behind the scenes look… (with pink shirt and all)

If there are couples out there getting nervous about this blog post, fear not, this belongs to my normal workflow and insures top quality 😉

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