Memoires of a great trip

Well, we are back from our great South American adventure and things are starting to fall into place in our new house. Yes, there are still plenty of little chores to do and on a professional level there are some changes coming as well (more about that soon) but, the important thing is that I’m finding some time to update the blog and process some travel pictures. (and Roosje & Jelle’s wedding album)

Before we set of I set myself the goal to make interesting portraits of the people we meet on vacation.
Yes, there is an old lady with a llama in there but that doesn’t count since after the picture you have to pay them for it … you’ll make that mistake once. The next one you’ll try a sneaky zoom lens approach … yet they still spot you (it’s like a 6th sense they have). The third time you hide the camera and try to ignore the “hey mista, picture with llama?” all together.

So coming back to the real people we’ve met : meet Douglas.

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We met with Douglas and his wife Teresa on our trip to Uros, the floating islands and Isla Taquile on lake Titicaca. At 6am in the morning a cab picked us up at our hotel in Puno, I was still nibbling on an unfinished sandwich when I stepped in. “Thanks for bring me breakfast!” was the first thing he said to me 🙂 I think we chatted for the next 3 hours on the boat. And a good couple of hours more after that.

On one of the viewpoints Douglas was taking a rest away from the tourist touts and something about the picture felt ‘out of place’, but on the other side it all connected. I had my portrait.

Douglas & Teresa, it was great meeting you and if you ever visit Europe/Belgium (again), we’ll have the guestroom in use by then 😉

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