Slam dunk, and that’s a wrap.

While we were cleaning up our gear (a beer in hand) some of the guys started dunking.
I quickly set up 2 snooted SB600’s on 1/2 power left & right. We didn’t get that many good shots, this is the only one that I like.


kudos to Nico, this is his shot. Nikon D300 with a Tokina 16-50

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by Frederik 09.13.08 4:09 pm

echt een goeike !!!

by HC Blogger 09.12.08 7:57 pm

Great photo, even better elevation..

by Sofie 09.12.08 6:52 pm

SUPER shot!!

by fbaert 09.12.08 3:33 pm

Dit is wel een echt prachtshot. Zou volgens mij nie misstaan op een grote poster.