Preview : Basketball Portraits

About 6 months ago on a family reunion I kind of launched the idea that I’d take pictures of Sven’s basketball team. Yesterday me & my interim assistant Nico hit the road.

Last minute notice: 2 teams, 20 players, 2 hours, portrait & team photos please…

And I didn’t want any of these kind of shots either … so the heat was ON!

Earlier this week David hobby over at strobist posted a very cool link to an article by Dustin Snipes: “70 basketball portraits in in two days”. I already had a similar lighting scheme in mind but some of the posing tips came in very handy. (I’m terrible with guiding models). So a big thanks to guys like David & Dustin for sharing with the community, I don’t think I would have been able to pull this off without guys like them.

I still have to go through all the pictures but, this one was a natural first pick.

Basketball Portraits - Preview

View On Black

Next week I’ll be doing a tech post about the location, lighting for the portraits (for those who can’t wait) and lighting for the team pictures.

I always appreciate some good constructive feedback! So lets hear it.

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by Sanchez 09.08.08 9:43 am

Proper… ik kijk al uit naar de volgende photo-shoot…

by Sofie 09.07.08 9:14 pm

Een heel mooi portret op een prachtige manier vastgelegd!!

by tomleuntjensphotography 09.07.08 8:06 am

@Frederik: this was actually a what I call a happy accident, the 4th background light was aimed at the ring/wall. But this was framed without the ring, so It didn’t take full advantage of that light. Still I like the shot, but I’ll try to bring out the wall some more in post.

@Xray: thx for bring my attention to that, I will be addressing that issue in post. I think I missed that because I was happy with the shot as is. But when you go analyzing every shot, there is always room for improvement.

@Steven: thx

by Frederik 09.06.08 8:13 pm

Mooi beeld, misschien iets meer achtergrond erin?

by Xray 09.06.08 1:14 pm

Heel sterk beeld. Straalt kracht uit. Misschien enkel z’n rechteroog iets meer ophelderen?

by gekiekt 09.05.08 4:03 pm

Ziet er alvast veelbelovend uit.
Het contrast met de foto’s van de spelers van de Okapi kon niet groter. Gelukkig maar.