Final: Anne, Kristof and …

So it is true what they say about photography, only 30% of your time is spent shooting, the other 70% of your time is spent behind a computer screen. This shoot took about 3 hours.

The day the shoot after I skimmed through the images selecting the “keepers” & deleting the failures. (approx 1 hour) What I’ve learned so far is that you have to let the images rest a couple of days before going trough them a second time, the second time reviewing gives you a totally different view on things. I also show my selection to Wenti or Tom, depending on that, I’ve got more or less keepers. I noticed that my ratio of hit/keepers has increased dramatically since I’ve started out, so practice does make perfect a difference.

Yesterday I’ve spent 4 hours editing the keepers. Editing is a difficult thing … so many options but where do you draw the line ?

In the first picture I took a radical turn from what I normally do. Call it an artistic impression …
Maybe this is a bit daring , the reactions on BD and flickr are mixed. I agree this edit is not the most commercial approach, but it IS different… If this would have been the only picture I supplied for a pregnancy session it would be bad, but here it more of bonus. (black&white or color)


When I do a session like this I try to do a couple of different looks & work with the location so there is no 1 style throughout the shoot. Although “my” style is starting to show.

And now for some other pictures …



A big warm thanks to Anne & Kristof for this very fun shoot and for letting me use all images.
We’ll probably meet again in a couple of weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Final: Anne, Kristof and …

  1. Frederik says:

    Omdat ge in het engels schrijft ga ik commenten in die zelfde taal zo kunnen de amerikaander en die van over het kanaal mij ook begrijpen.

    You shouldn’t mind what they say about the image on BD. If you like it it’s good if the client likes it thats even better !

    The rest of the images is great especially those with the paint on her belly. Great idea.

    I’m really starting to see a style in your photo’s is nice and colourful and I like that.

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