Strobist on location

A little while ago I did the shoot but one of the girls couldn’t make it that day so yesterday we made up for that. A couple of other girls where present for the 2nd time as well, either they had a lot of fun last time or they hated their my pictures … I’m not sure 😉

No big conference rooms in the ‘SV Zulte Waregem stadion’ this time but a not so modest cool house. Her dad’s office featured these very wicked blue frosted glass panels and those are the times it’s really nice to be packing light.

I quickly set-up a vivitar 285 behind the glass, and one loaned (thank you nico) softbox to camera right up high. The result is everything I imagined it would be when I first saw the room and started thinking about how to set-up. This was the first time using a softbox and I have to say it has some advantages over umbrella’s so maybe I’ll do a quick little post about that later this week.

Filles Folles

Filles Folles

Filles Folles

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