Fnac Fotomarathon

Yesterday tom & me participated in our first Fnac Fotomarathon in Ghent. During the day you get 3 themes, with a 3 hour time limit on each theme.

This picture was selected by the jury in the category “Smakelijk” (“Taste” / “Bon appetit”) (20 best pictures out of 732 overall) Somewhere this month the photo will be displayed in the “Fnac Forum” & “Vleeshuis Gent”.

Fnac fotomarathon

Click picture for bigger view.

3 Comments so far  
by Angélique 07.08.08 6:04 am

Hele leuke foto !

by TomVH 06.23.08 6:21 pm

Heel origineel! Proficiat!

by fbaert 06.22.08 8:32 pm

Heel leuk werk ! En proficiat !