Studio workout

In two weeks time I have my biggest assignment as of yet coming up. A colleague and 9 of her friends (thats 10 women more than I can handle) are throwing a big party in october and have asked me for the promo shots of “Les Filles Folles” (site coming soon).

In preparation to that I set me up with a small studio (white seamless backdrop and support system) and asked my lovely muse wenti to be my model so I could test some light setups. My first goal of the session was to find out how to light everything an even white and my second goal was to experiment with a wide aperture.

I almost had to sign a contract not to publish any of the pictures …. but after some lots of lobbying begging I can show you this one result. Showing you any more would almost certainly lead to my instant death and since I already booked our TV for the next two weeks ( Euro 2008 ) I won’t be pushing for more. But maybe after lots of positive comments, you might convince her.

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