We just launched a print store

It’s been 7 years since we moved, 7 years living in a house with white walls. A while ago I purchased two framed prints from a fellow photographer, the first images ever to go up on our walls and people couldn’t understand why I didn’t put up any of my own work ? Even my wife said “People will always as if that is your work? And you will have to explain why it isn’t…“

It’s one of those creative block things, too critical of your own work….But I listened and took a dive into my image archives,contacted a local supplier and ordered some frames. After posting the results online, your reactions made me smile!

While offering my own prints is on those checkboxes on my long running todo list that never got ticked, this whole crisis makes us entrepreneurs switch up our game, act faster, stop delaying,survival mode ON I guess ….So after putting in a couple of late nights I now have my own shop up and running offering a curated selection of fine art framed prints, ready to decorate your home or that non inspiring office wall.

We teamed up with a local supplier #SHOPLOCALto offer a premium product. Printed on Baryte paper, Passe-partout, Matt glass (to minimise reflection) and available in two wood finishes & sizes.

Use code ‘SAMENERDOOR’ for a 10% discount.