After the shoot A. doubtfully asked me : “Is this what you are looking for?” I evaded the question a bit. I wasn’t sure. When I got home and saw the pictures I sent a message to A. “This was exactly what I was looking for!”

It’s tough to explain what exactly I’m after, or what I’m hoping for when I shoot these sessions. I arrive without any real plans or expectations. I just want the pictures to look raw, passionate, pure & real.

I truly feel privileged to be allowed into the privacy of their home and personal sphere. Thank you A & P!

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Want to participate? I’ve written down my basic thoughts about these sessions and tried to answer some basic questions.
Get in touch & hope to see you soon.

Gear: X-PRO2 & 35mm 1.4, X-T1 & XF16. Natural light only.

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