eSession · Ben & Annelies

To prep Ben & Annelies for their big day and to take my X100 a spin we headed out for a walk in my neigbourhood. It’s actually a lot of fun to find some new spots and to give a new twist on some old spots. We all had great fun and I think the pictures really show for it. On to the wedding!

A note about the Fuji X100

I still have a love-hate relation with this camera. Let me be clear: the design is very much there, the image quality is up to par with any proper reflex and on high ISO this baby even out performs my 5D mark II. The performance is there but it’s not consistant enough, mainly because of the control/focus & menu issues that this camera has. These things keep bugging me but at the same time, I can’t put it down. I took me a while to be able to describe my “feelings” towards the camera but the the bottom line is that this camera is not intented for everybody, you can’t just pick it up and shoot with it. The camera’s has it’s own style and as a photographer you will have to adjust yourselft to it. For now the camera goes with me on weddings & eSessions and I use it when I can , but I still don’t trust the bastard on the more important moments when I haven’t captures the shot with my trusty 5D’s first.

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