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Bart & Nicki aren’t your average couple. Bart is a young entrepeneur who moved to Seattle, USA to pursue his dreams. That is also where he met (and I made promise not to say how & where) and fell in love with the lovely Nicki Ulloa. (I totally love that last name BTW). They are currently traveling around Europe and after visiting the lesser important parts of Europe (Barcelona, France, Antwerp, …), last week they visited the capital of Belgium:Ghent. Meeting with cool couples like this always makes my trigger finger itch and my camera eye twitch so I invited them for a quick neighborhood walk and shoot a beLoved session. I’m actually very glad they agreed because I couldn’t ask for a more playful and madly in love couple… and you never know how many potential USA bride & grooms are picking up my carefully placed tags *waves* 😉

Bart & Nicki, thanks for the fun , hope you enjoy the results, and a big American bear hug back at you!

One thought on “beLoved | Bart & Nicki

  1. Justo Joseph says:

    Marvelous !! Amazing ! Bravo ….

    Awesome images, specially the ones in B/W. Lucky to get such subjects…
    Please guide me to make such extra ordinary B/W images.
    Waiting for your mail.


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