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To get you all ready for one final day of working before the weekend is here I’ve lined up a special post.

A couple of months ago Julie & Melissa contacted me if I wanted to be their wedding photographer but unfortunately I was already booked for their special day. A couple of weeks ago they contacted me again because they were in a bit of a tight spot to have their wedding invitations done in time, and boy was I very happy they asked me. They found the perfect location for their shoot and a couple of days after that we found us the the perfect weather.

Meeting them was a blind date but what (sane male) photographer wouldn’t be happy with a cute couple like that! Everybody soon felt relaxed and I quickly found out that those girls have enough passion for 3 … yet with my level of professionalism *kuch* I just focused on taking the pictures 😉

It was a very fun evening and now that their wedding invitations have been sent I’m finally allowed to show you some of the pictures. Julie & Melissa, I had a great time (noticed that?) and I wish you two a super beautiful wedding day with lots of love & fun!

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by nimsa 09.10.10 1:23 pm

Tom, ‘t zijn hele toffe. En ze blijken nog fotogeniek ook!
Joehoe, heb er zin in!

by Tom Leuntjens 08.18.10 6:25 pm

jasmine, different day, different styles , 2maal goed! super toffe meiden en met jou erbij the perfect treesome. komt zeker goed!

by nimsa 08.18.10 11:28 am

He Tom, Supergoed gedaan! Ik kan niet ontkennen dat jouw prestatie me wat nerveus maakt voor de grote dag! 🙂

by Tom Leuntjens 08.12.10 9:51 am

Bedankt allemaal. Maar ik gooi de credits toch naar de meisjes hoor. Ze hadden er 200% zin in!

by lien 08.09.10 5:13 pm

Fantastisch mooie reeks Tom! (komt trouwens helemaal tot zijn recht in je nieuwe web layout)
You keep on doing it!

by Arno 08.06.10 4:05 pm

Sluit me helemaal aan bij de voorgaande reacties. Mooie pure serie. Top!

by Jef Janssens 08.06.10 2:54 pm

Één woord: ijzersterk!

by Heidi Duts 08.06.10 11:40 am

Whooooow!! Zéér mooie foto’s! Veel liefde op de foto’s. Dit zijn foto’s om jaloers op te worden.

by Bjorn | Fotografie Luna 08.05.10 10:26 pm

Heel mooie reportage! Mooi gewerkt met licht en emoties.

by valerie 08.05.10 7:30 pm

Zo mooi!!! Prachtige foto’s! Ben zo trots dat da mijn zus is 🙂

by Julie 08.05.10 5:38 pm

We had a great time too!!!! Dat moeten we zeker nog eens doen! hihi.