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I needed a way to proof albums to my couples this year so they can give feedback on their album before it gets printed. Yes, there are products on the market that do that but they never did it the way that I wanted. But I also figured I’m not the only photographer that could use a tool like that so I generalized the idea. I admit, it was just handy that I’m also a developer.

Yesterday was the big day, BOOKPROOFR beta went live and is now accepting registrations. Committed testers are always welcome. For more news follow BOOKPROOFR on twitter.
Getting the news out via social media will greatly help your cause getting an early beta account 😉

The BOOKPROOFR homepage

How clients will experience BOOKPROOFR

BOOKPROOFR - Album Proofing

Photographers who dig a sexy voiceover-ed screencast might enjoy this 7min BOOKPROOFR beta walkthrough

BOOKPROOFR from Tom Leuntjens on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “BOOKPROOFR – Album Proofing software

  1. joeri says:

    Hey Tom,

    Great stuff the bookproof reader. Because it is in Beta, anybody can add comments to it 🙂

    The dashboard looks good, simple and very accessible. It is straight forward. I think you should keep it simple as it is now. Mayb later some more ‘lay outing’ later, but that is the least important.
    – using a password is awesome
    – being able to customise the dashboard to your ‘brand’ is great (I assume this is possible)
    – being able to creat customer profiles is super

    What I would like to be added are;

    – add some check boxes with each photo to provide feedback. As a customer I would not only like to provide written feedback, but maybe just have a picture ‘out’ of the album. So check boxes like ‘remove this one’ or ‘I want this one’
    – a big one for me as a photographer is to have the option of adding albums from the hard disk and not only from my flickr account. If I use latter one, the photographs are already in the ‘open’ and some customers want the ‘première’ of their wedding pictures.
    – maybe later on video?

    Anyway, some of my comments are most probably already on your project list 🙂

    Other than that…great leap forward in your professionalism! I really like the way you handle your photography!

  2. Tom Leuntjens says:

    hi joeri,

    thx for the feedback. and you are right, lots of those things are on the project list already.

    anyone can comment? euhm nope, only the people you send the private proofing link or give a password. want to set up a second album showing so your clients can send that link to their family? very simple, just duplicate your album.
    there is no limit to how many albums you can create.

    enabled the user to comment on a specific photo on an album spread would be nice (flickr notes system) but it would also make this more complicated. it is a feature I want to add later but for now I wanted to keep it simple. if I add it the photographer kan check/uncheck the option from the album proofing

    – branding: definitely on the list !
    – ability to upload your own pictures. YES!

    but for these two features I’m gonna need a lots of disk space on the servers. and those don’t come cheap, and for now bookproofr is a free product. I’m still working on what direct to take with bookproofr.

    bookproofr connects to your flickr stream as an authenticated user therefore you can show private sets to your clients. there is no need to have the sets public.

    thx for your feedback

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