November preview marathon : All the single ladies

Throwing the Bouquet should become obligatory in Belgium! Lets have a vote!

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by fromfraai 11.03.09 4:19 pm

Oh, I totally agree that it’s a choice! And I can see that it comes with less implications when it is not a tradition (although I’m from the Netherlands where it is also not a traditional element, but it is becoming more and more prevalent). But you asked for a vote, so I voted and motivated my opinion 😀 Sorry if I was a bit harsh!

by Andrea 11.01.09 1:10 pm

i’d vote for it.
It was great fun.

by Tom Leuntjens 11.03.09 3:49 am

@fromfraai. ure looking at things rather black and white. its a choice for everyone to make. in belgium tradition doesnt really exist.

by fromfraai 10.31.09 8:44 pm

Heck no! I don’t like the setting apart of unmarried women. I don’t like the implication that getting married is something that everyone should want and strive for. I think it’s usually a forced and uncomfortable event. It might provide some nice pictures, but I really think everyone is better of without a bouquet toss.