I attented a wedding

As a guest!

Invited as @wenti’s trusty sidekick.

Being a guest at a wedding without a camera must feel like Amy Winemouse without coke.

So I happened to have my camera with me.

Stayed clear from the “real” photographer at church but if he wasn’t taking this shot …

He was already gone when we arrived at the reception.

That location made my trigger finger itch!





That DJ reminded me from a character in “The Godfather”

I attended a wedding and I had lots of fun!

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by tomleuntjensphotography 08.21.09 1:23 pm

@jasper I did tweet that but you might have seen him before, resident DJ at Hof ten damme in Kallo 🙂

by Jasper Van Tilburgh 08.21.09 1:09 am

Damn, where was it I saw this last image? You previewed it once?