It seems that @wenti found her creative outlet and to celebrate the unveiling of her new product line I got to turn the house upside down for some funky looking product shots. But of course it’s the mutskes that steal the show.

May I present to you : “pinnemuts”, “bloem”, “pompon” & “bij”.

More pictures & hats will be added to her flickr page. The facebook fan page is in the works! :)

The trick was to find a way to mount the hats, since we don’t have babies in different age groups freely available we turned to balloons instead. At first the balloons were held upright by putting a magnet inside the balloon and one underneath a glossy piece of paper, but 999 balloon bursts and 2 very scared kittens later we went for a different approach: suspend the hats from a crossbar with a nylon thread. (this involves a clever mix of sewing, taping & cursing)

Cluttered setup shots here & here

580EX at 1/16 through softbox camera left.
White cardboard (box) for bounce/fill shadow camera right.
FL40 with colored gels underneath shiny surface table aimed at white wall.
Camera on tripod ISO100, 1/200, F4

9 thoughts on “Wentiti’s

  1. Sofie says:

    Supermooie mutsen! Nu nog de handschoentjes & sjaatjes 🙂

    Ipv ballonnen kan je kijken naar zo isomo eieren… die kan je kopen in een hobbywinkel of AVA. Zo eieren kan je kopen voor verschillende groottes.

    Heeeel knap belichte foto’s. Super!

  2. Stephanie says:

    bedankt om de info met ons te delen. En het resultaat mag er echt superhard wezen, Tom. “Sjieke dinges” 😉
    Als jij zo’n productshoot doet, in hoeverre krijgen de “klanten” dan inspraak in jouw fotowerk? Kiest in dit geval bijvoorbeeld de maker van de mutsen de achtergrondkleur? Of krijg jij ‘carte blanche’ met de setup en de kleuren enzo?

  3. gekiekt says:

    knap gedaan
    de eerste vind ik de beste

    waar haal jij je kleurenfilters trouwens?
    ik moet me dringend een groot vel CTO e.a. aanschaffen want voorlopig zit ik hier met zo een staalboekje te prutsen

  4. tomleuntjensphotography says:

    for the color gels a sample pack is good enough. (ask one when ordering cto gels) just slap enough gels on the flash so there is no lightspill . although this effect is kinda nice (zie pinnemuts) my CTO gels came from a big sheet used for studio flashes, ordered at adorama. but these are too expensive. other Suggestions are welcome!

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