Photography & Emotion

When I get home and I review my pictures I need to fall in love with the pictures I took, when that happens I know I did a good job and my clients will love them even more because they even have a stronger emotional band.

A couple of weeks ago mBargo, Tom² and me set out and did a “Mini” carshoot treesome.
(More details are coming soon , the articles are ready but I can’t publish the pictures just yet.)

(and now the seamless transition from cars to emotion)

When reviewing the Mini pictures I didn’t feel any of that fuzzy, tingling, magic feeling…
I am satisfied with the results, the pictures look like “real car pictures”, I had a super fun experience and want to do that again but it made me realize I am more of a people photographer.

And now I have the perfect excuse to post some awesome pictures from a fantastic afternoon with Katrijn & Jan.

I absolutely love the next picture

You can feel the longing, the expectation, the happiness, the warmth of summer (thank you mrs sunbounce).

You can see the sparkle in her eyes & her love for the soon to be dad (who is obviously standing behind me cause no sane woman can look at me like that)

And things really heated up when you put them together

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